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22 June 1977
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Heya, I don't know what to put for my biography so I'll just stick to simple stuff. I was born in Japan eighteen years ago in 1999, two years after the alien invasion that the last generation say changed everything. Me I was born into this so this is normal.

Anyway, my parents...aren't around anymore, so I've grown up with my brother mostly. He has powers, but he's just an engineer. His girlfriend is a little funny, but she's dating my brother so that goes without saying. Anyway, he spent a while in Norway, working on something there and I...got my powers there...more on that later, this is just the bio.

Anyway, I graduated from Norway's Aesir Academy and then came to the States with my brother again. Which was when Patrick Chen...THE Patrick Chen...contacted me about working for him. So now, here I am, part of the Masks and loving every minute of it.
computer programming., i collect super autographs., studying supers.