Achilles bases are not fun.

Gee, can't we get a break?  I mean everything was going about perfectly.  We got in the place without raising an alarm and we were getting the information.

It was kinda boring actually, I think I might have been falling asleep.

And then Agouti says that she can't open a portal or anything.  Apparently she said they'd added some new gizmo to keep people from escaping the whole base.

That's when all sorts of crap started flying everywhere (but at least it wasn't boring)

Just one note, Rune's wall thingy really doesn't work against blasters and gunk that isn't physical, but Monkey-Boy's...gomen, Abaddon's chains held them a little bit better.  Sort of like how cardboard will last longer than paper.  Which is scary, because those chains are TOUGH. 

Believe me, I know...he wrapped me in them at least once.

But well, there were like fifty (Nathan says twenty) of those thugs on the other side and all of them had laser rifles.

Then there was that lady that hit me with some blast or something and I went flying backwards.

Then Brigman (yes Brigman...of the Spear of Achilles...kinda cool that he was there...I tried to get his autograph after the fight, but Nathan wouldn't let me, he actually threatened to take my autograph book away.  Can you imagine that?  I mean, then I'd have to start over and stuff.  And do you know how difficult it was to find an autograph book that was good for it?  I mean it has to be the right color and then I'd have to get the decals and remake my checklist and stuff like that...That would be a huge pain in the..."

OH!  Right, Brigman blinded me with some sort of little flashy pellet thing.  Next thing I know I ran into somebody and smacked his groping body into the far wall.  And I couldn't hear anything.

Nathan apparently summoned some dogs.

I hate the dog things.

One of these days they're going to try to eat me.

I just know it.

(The Achilles don't seem to like the dogs either)

(Daniel complained about getting bumped later, he complained I pushed him out of the fight or something.........ecchi)

Anyway, when I could see again, I was somewhere else.

Nathan and Agouti were talking and doodling with Little Sister, Daniel was pouting, Pulse was recovering and Rune was quiet.

Rune is always quiet.

You could fill a room with laughing gas and Rune would be quiet.

You know, I bet Rune could out quiet the Quiet Man.

But I suppose that's because she can't talk.

Nathan kept summoning more dogs and sending them out, so I puttered about.  Couldn't break the walls, when do I get to break stuff?  (bleh, that makes me sound like Daniel) Then I made faces at the guards outside the window while they talked on their radios or something.

It got crazier after that. 

We tried to attack the power generators, and that was messed up.  It was some kind of trap thing and we got swarmed and I spent most of the thing blind and deaf again.

And Nathan's dog thingees killed people...Rune had to fix them up again.

Oh yeah, something weird happened with Nathan's gate thing this time.   A girl came through.

Apparently he has a girlfriend over there?  Weird, I just thought everything over there was creepy and psychotic.  But Styx, that's her name, is sort of creepy and nice...kinda like Nathan.

You know what, they'd be great for each other.  All creepy and nice and stuff like that.

Oh, and aside from Styx, we also picked up somebody else.

The guy's name is Vincent.  He's a thief.  A very big thief with a long history.

So, we got a thief, temporary handicaps, a creepy goth girl, Brigman's autograph (I wish), and some genial relationships with the Spears of Achilles.

Bloody Hands...

We were having a great time!!   Why did the damn Hands of Armageddon have to get in the way tonight?

Nathan, Loan (that's Rune's real name) and me.  I can hardly believe I got Lone out of the base, (well, Nathan helped).  But she did come out.

We were going around to the clubs, having a great party as we danced, laughed and cheered and stuff 

(Daniel was trying to get Housemouse drunk, btw...he didn't know she's immune to poisons...hehe)

Anyway, we came across these freaks preaching about the end of times and hassling the cops.  Lone and Nathan went invisible, so I walked up and tried to get them to calm down (fat chance) or at least be on hand if they went wacko (most likely).  Then Daniel showed up (drunk) and then one of the Hands tripped over his own shoes somehow.

That's how the fight started.

First, one of the three screamed and I felt a buzz just past by me.  So I hit him, hard!  He went flying about 20 meters into a wall and crumpled there, out of the fight for the moment.  The third stood there shaking in his boots and the guy that tripped over himself tried to stand up.  It didn't take long from there.  They weren't anything really dangerous.

Daniel wrapped the leader in chains and we spent the rest of the fight trying to hit the guy through them!!!  Damn it!

The guy I slammed into the wall tried to fly away, but Nathan got him somehow, not sure how.  I was going to throw the guy in chains at him, but he got away too fast.

(Nathan was saying that was too dangerous, but given all the stuff that DANIEL and I were doing to those chains, I'm sure the baddie would have survived the landing)

(mostly sure)

Anyway, then Daniel had to get uppity with the police afterwards and I had to pick him up and walk away to keep him from getting arrested.

Of course, during this Loan wandered off somewhere and Nathan had to go look for her.

Bleh, I'm tired.


Party TIme

No mission tonight, it's time to celebrate!!

The anniversary of getting rid of the alien invaders is tonight!!

And when you have access to the finest portals courtesy of Patrick Chen, there's no reason not to spend such a party night in New York!!

Now, what to wear.  Everybody keeps telling me that I don't need to hide tonight.

I don't really know what they're talking about.


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Well, apparently, I'm supposed to take some time to teach people the languages I can speak: Norwegian, English, Japanese.

Though, almost everybody can speak English don't think I'll be teaching that very often.

Anyway, I was down in the training rooms looking for Nathan and he was arguing with Agouti again.  I could hear them through the door and went through it with my hand through my eyes.  When I looked up, they were both staring at me and Agouti turned to Nathan and said something like: "See how easy that was?"

They were both looking at me so I asked what they were talking about, and they pointed behind me.

There was this block of...something right behind me!  If the computer had materialized that thing a foot or two forward, it have materialized on top of me!!!

When I asked them when that had gotten there, Nathan and Agouti just STARED at me.  I couldn't figure it out, so I left.

Unfortunately...the TV in the rec room was on the monkey channel....


...for some reason...

I want my soap operas!!

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Daniel aka Abaddon

Okay, I haven't talked about the other member of our little team yet!

Daniel....hmm....what to say about Daniel....

He breaks stuff well.

He has a unique smell....

He likes monkeys...

I'm serious, the man will not turn off the monkey channel for anybody.  Who knew there was such a thing AS a monkey channel!?!

Why monkeys?  What possible entertainment value is there in watching monkeys do monkey stuff.

He interrupted my "Life on the Red Sands" program to watch monkeys climb in trees and throw...stuff!!

How am I supposed to find out whether Janine got her generator to work long enough for help to come, or if David is going to keep going behind his families back with Gabby?  Or if that hateful Kirkson will finally get shown up for the slime he is!!

This is important stuff!!  We're talking about the terraforming of Mars, well, a fictional story about the terraforming of Mars anyway.

And he interrupts it for monkeys!?


Oh, and his room is a mess of chains that he summoned and hung from the ceiling.

Weird guy.

Back Home

Okay.  That mission did NOT go as planned.

First, I got stuck in a wall because Abyss said something about "this is gonna hurt" before teleporting us all inside.  So I freaked and when I freak...I get stuck in walls....

I wasn't VERY stuck, just a little stuck, my foot was in the floor, but we weren't supposed to leave any trace so I couldn't just break out of it. (besides it's not very comfortable to walk around with a piece of concrete sticking out of your skin...looks weird too)  So Nathan tried to teleport me again, but I just got stuck somewhere took them four tries to get me out of the concrete!!

Then the walls disappeared for a little bit...that happens to me sometimes, stuff "disappears" it's like rubberbanding and lag on an online game.  Can be useful though, like when I get to see through walls instead of running into them.

After the teleport thing, we snuck around, and the last place we had to get to was shielded off against teleportation and guarded, but the Masks said go in, so we we went in.  I dictated a manifesto to Nathan first, however, so we could blame all this on the Hands of the Apocalypse if we needed too.

Abyss was supposed to keep the guards busy with the....stuff he summons while Abaddon and me went into the main office.

That window was HARD, it just bounce me right off.   Fortunately, Abaddon blasted through it and we got in easy enough, but Sarah Tabor was right there!!

She tried to do something funky to my head but it didn't work, which left her right next me, so I hit her before she could try again.  She went flying into the wall and it sounded like something cracked, but her jedi mind stuff worked on Abaddon, so he said something about "we should wait" and wrapped me up in those chains of his and by the time I got out, hey, yeah, it felt like a REALLY good idea to wait.

When Abaddon came inside...those guards looked...bad, when he came through, I hope we didn't hurt anyone too badly.

Anyway, Sarah said something about some group trying to manipulate most of the major Super organizations out there and wanting to truce with us while we both deal with that.

While we were talking, Abyss slipped an entry clip onto Tabor's computer, so Aura could get into her personal files and we got enough to make it public that Jupiter funds the Pure.

Anyway...that's about it.  I got stuck in a wall, bounced off a window and pwned by a telepath.  Bleh

First Mission

Okay!  We're going to go on our first mission!

And Ruth Byers is taking us here.  Ruth Byers, the ONLY known super without alien-blood...well, except Daniel...err..Abaddon...and Zero...and Ben Banks...and...okay, the first known superhero without alien-blood.

Anyway, she played Misfit in the Legends movie.  She's my favorite actress, and the most powerful teleporter in the world!!!

I'm bringing my autograph book!!

*_*  ^_^  *_*  ^_^

Anyway, we're supposed to infiltrate this Jupiter Corp. building and looking for some info on The Pure.


I hate those guys, but pretty much everybody does.  I had no idea that Jupiter Corp supported them, or that Sarah Tabor was a hybrid herself.

I wonder why she wants to kill all of us if she's not human completely either...

Anyway, we have to go there and use some clips to let Aura (Another autograph on the way!!!!) sneak in through the computers while we look through hard copies and stuff.  Nathan got this COOL thing out of equipment called Little Sister (takes out Big Brother) that's gonna get us through security like a breeze.  

This will go like cake.

Well, unless Sarah Tabor is there, the files say she's some sort of Uber-telepath.

Anyway, going to meet Ruth Byers for the mission soon...wonder what I should wear...the uniform armor yeah, but what hood with it?

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Nathan aka Abyss

Nathan is pretty cool, but he is very creepy.  

He's got the whole black eyes thing going on. (as if I can talk...pfft)  anyway.  He's got something against having good lighting in a room, his room always has the lights off.

Then there's what he does.

He opens gates to another dimension called the "Dark Dimension" and stuff comes out of there, weird things like monster-dogs (he calls them "shadow hounds"), dark scarecrow things (he called it a "night stalker") and that death jr.  (he calls it a "death imp") thing from the combat test.

They're creepy...all of them.  I don't like being around them.

Nathan also turns invisible and can walk from shadow to shadow and stuff.  He's very creepy, but hey, I can walk through walls, so who am I to talk.

He's got a good fashion sense though...he's got this whole metrosexual thing going on that makes me look like such the tomboy.  He's always dressing to the nines, and I think he accessorized his uniform armor.

I wonder if he knows Razor from the Metahuman Fashion Minute is on site somewhere...

Probably...OMG...if those two get together, they will be talking fashion for hours non-stop.  I can just see it.


I need to get Razor's autograph...

I'm on the B-Team...

....not the A-Team.

B-Team is "the dimensionals" as Tremor called us.  Cause I shift dimensions, Abyss opens gateways to dimensions and Abaddon channels power from some dimension.

A-Team has Agouti in it.

Yep, THAT Agouti.

Ex-Spear of Achilles Agouti.   I wonder why she's stopped being a mercenary and joined with the good guys.  

Anyway, Nathan doesn't like her much, they seem to have some sort of infilitrator rivallry thing going on, maybe they'll break out into sissy-slap-fighting too.   

Rune is A-Team too, she doesn't talk, but she's cool.  Her powers are really weird, you know...she writes these weird symbols and weird stuff happens.  It's really weird.

Am I saying weird too much?




Spiral is here too.  Spiral is nasty, I wouldn't want to fight her.  She puts black holes inside of you!!   That has to REALLY hurt.

There are a four teams, actually, but I'll talk about the others later.

Anyway, gotta head out.

I'm a Super-Hero!!!

I just passed my combat-test!!   Nathan and that Abaddon guy are dimensional users too!  Oh, wait, I haven't told you about my powers yet...umm...later.   

Anyway, first we had orientation, Ms. Aslinger, Tremor, she's BORING...I mean BORING.  I had trouble staying awake listening to her orientation and it was even filled with lots of stuff I've never heard or seen in any of the books I've come across.  But Ms. Aslinger, she's like a female version of that guy from that old pre-holo movie...the one where the guy keeps asking "Bueller, Bueller"....whatever.

Abaddon and Nathan didn't seem to pay much attention to her.  Then we had our combat tests.

Terra Chen was there...THE Terra Chen...the best healer anybody has ever heard of...

^___^ got her autograph ^___^

They put us in this room with some robots to fight.  One of them was using radiation blasts, which made me nervous, but at least it wasn't as bad as that thing Nathan, I mean Abyss, summoned. 

The little thing was like a mini-reaper with a full-sized scythe.  He called it a death imp, all I know was that it was scary.  We all got as far from it as possible when Abyss said he lost control of it, and I hit one of the robots to it...should have gone flying past, but the robot felt a bit heavier than it looked.

The death imp.  Scared.  The robot!


can you believe it!

It scared a computer!

Then it hit the bot and that made it too tired so it left.

Abaddon meanwhile is swinging around on these black chain things and throwing black fire every which way, but first he threw his jacket up into one of the lights and then wrapped it in those chains.  

Neither Abaddon nor Nathan like light very much.

Anyway, the radiation robot almost hit me, but missed and that's good, because I can't phase through radiation stuff so it HURTS when it hits.

Unfortunately, this other robot made the earth surround me and I spent most of the fight trying to either break it or phase through it.


Do you know how weird it feels to go THROUGH something...ewwww

Anyway, I was just about to break it when I fell through it.  I guess I'm lucky I didn't get stuck in something else.

Nathan had summoned some taller, lanking thing he called a nightwalker to fight the robots and Abaddon was making...stuff out of....stuff....scythes and spears and swords and big hands and....stuff...

I got one more hit in and then everything was down.

I'm surprised I passed.  I thought getting stuck for most of the fight would be, you know a failing grade, but Ms Aslinger acted like it was no big deal.

Anyway, so that's it.  I'm a superhero now!   Nathan even helped me find a voice recognition program so that I can work at my computer without worrying about breaking it!!!  So, that's how my journal got here and..laterz