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Histories - Third: The Founders and Horizon Industries

The Founders came after the Legends.

The Founders were the ones that started the whole supergroup deal.  They started the Masks, which is who I work for.

See, the Founders were one of the earlier students at the School and were taught by THE John Kelly.

This including people like Patrick and Terra Chen, Robert Clearwater, Cecilia Davenport and Gordon Styles.

Now that I have access to the Masks' files, I know a lot more of what they did. 

They were one of the first groups that dealt with the Pure, and they were the people that discovered that Sarah Tabor was the mastermind behind those nuts.  Of course, they never had legal proof until the other night...when I managed to hit Sarah Tabor....the world's most powerful telepath....that's going to HURT later...I'm sure of it.

 Anyway, probably the most important Founder to the world is Patrick Chen, the man behind Horizon Industries.

In the 20th century there was this character called Reed Richards who could invent pretty much anything, and he tended to invent it and use it and then just sorta shelve it.

Patrick is kind of like that without the shelving.

Patrick is responsible for most of the advances of the last decade (Sarah Tabor is responsible for the a large part of the remainder, unfortunately.).  Even the other aliens that are here say that the stuff Patrick events is beyond anything they've ever seen.

He started with finding a cure to most cancers and then went on.

His IQ is off the charts and though he doesn't seem to have much personal power, he can just make things.

And then he learns how to explain how to make them to other people....

It's crazy.

Besides Patrick though is Ruth Byers (I got her autograph...she played Misfit in the movies you know).

Ruth Byers is the first human that was discovered to have powers.  So I guess she's the most important scientifically.  So, apparently you don't have to be alien blooded to have powers (well, I knew that already, Daniel isn't alien blooded).

Ruth got discovered when she teleported somewhere she shouldn't have been able to get to..  She's the best teleporter out there I hear.

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