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I met Gremlin II!


We had this report of a fire and when we got there, a bunch of guys in flying suits were chasing around this guy who turned out to be Cheven Banks.  The actual son of Benjamin Banks!  The Gremlin!

Ohhh...and he was wearing a new version of the Gremlin armor!   Oh my goodness, it's, it's soooo...oh my goodness!

And I got his autograph, Nathan, couldn't stop me, hee hee.

But anyway, we had a little fight and met Sarah Tabor's other grandson, Lincon Hyter.  He's younger than me, but he tied me up somehow and threw me through a building (to be fair, I hit him through a building first).  

Daniel, however....well, the guy in the flyer suit that Daniel was fighting ended up...umm...well...First Daniel swung into him with a darkness spear or something, that shattered the guy's armor-suit and cut his arm off, then he bounced off the wall of the building they were swinging and flying around...and then he hit the concrete 12 stories down....

I don't think there was much left of him.

Anyway, after everything was quieted down, and Nathan did something creepy that made some of the Pure people that we were fighting take off their suits, so...umm, now he has those suits....I wonder if I should ask Mr. Chen about that.

Some bad news though....The first Gremlin is dead.  All the enhancements done to him kinda made him get old fast.

Mr. Chen will definitely want to know about that.

Oh, Cheven was interested in Little Sister 
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