October 2nd, 2017


Histories - First: The Aliens

You know what, I know its old news and stuff, but I'm going to take a little bit and post up some histories here, incase this gets saved for posterity or something.

Okay, first thing, we know of four major alien races.

The first two came here around the middle of the American Civil War looking for refuge and, with the permission of the national powers of the day, settled in Earth, most underground, but some using technology to appear human and assimiliating into the human population.

Mostly they stayed among themselves, but it wasn't long before the first hybrids were born.  Hybrids were still kinda rare, still are, actually...I think there's only like...100,000 or so adult hybrids with powers out there, and most hybrids only descend from one of the two races.  It's the people with weird powers (like me) that have both alien races in their blood.

The third major alien race we know of are called the Bulmeer, they look sort of like tall monster things with claws and long heads kinda like the xenomorphs in Aliens a long long time ago.  That was the 80s, right, ancient movie.  Anyway, they jump really high and use lasers and stuff (Daniel and Nathan don't like lasers...guess it's cause they use a lot of darkness stuff.).

The fourth race are called the Alkon and right now, we don't know much about them other than that they run the Bulmeer.

The Bulmeer came in little shuttles in 1997 and attacked a bunch of cities but didn't really take anything over.  It was like a big raid and the Legends put them down pretty fast once they got together with the militaries and stuff.  There were only about 30 enemies to a shuttle back then.

Everybody kinda expects that they'll be back sometime.

Histories - Second: The Legends

The Legends were the first people to develop superpowers back during the first days of the Bulmeer recon invasion.

First I gotta talk about The First.  I'm not really sure if she could be considered one of the Legends or not, but she's still big.  She's what made people know what was going on.

First of all, the First wasn't really the first super-powered person, we KNOW that.  She was just the first to do something so extremely spectacular that the world as a whole took almost immediate notice.

The First used her powers once.  That use killed an entire Bulmeer shuttle, herself and a whole lot of the city she was in at the time.

She is one of the Heroes of that war back then....too bad she didn't know what she was doing, imagine if she lived.

Anyway, next there is Misfit.

Misfit was a teenager in Washington DC and so powerful that the aliens avoided her when they could.

She flies, turns invisible and she does something really weird with energy that sort of tears apart large areas of space.  She held the Washington aliens at bay (and occasionally looted for her own purposes) until John Kelley came back to the States and got her straightened out.

John Kelly is THE hero of our age.

Nobody really knows just how powerful he is because he kinda doesn't use his powers often (he moves earth and rock and dirt around), but all the experts say that his power potential reads like a star compared to almost all the rest of us.

He was an FBI agent in 1997 and was in Japan for some reason (I didn't even know that the FBI operated in Japan) when the invasion happened.

Because of Kelly, my country was spared the worst ravages of the war.  He brought our military and hybrids together and denied the aliens from ever getting a solid hold anywhere in Japan.

He is an international hero and inspiration.  And to us Japanese, he has a place with our greatest heroes.  The Emperor himself offered to marry Kelly into the Imperial Line.

Mr. Chen knows John Kelly and I'm sure...I'm sure I'll get to meet him eventually.

Oh my.   What will I say?  What will I wear?   Must remember to bring my autograph book for that.

Oh to think that I could meet Kelly.  John Kelly.  I mean The Gremlin is cool...very, very cool (and cute), but Kelly.  Oh my goodness.

Can you get closer to meeting the kami than meeting John Kelly?  Without dying I mean.   Oh!


Anyway, the Legends fought off the first alien invasion and revealed that superheroes existed.

Histories - Third: The Founders and Horizon Industries

The Founders came after the Legends.

The Founders were the ones that started the whole supergroup deal.  They started the Masks, which is who I work for.

See, the Founders were one of the earlier students at the School and were taught by THE John Kelly.

This including people like Patrick and Terra Chen, Robert Clearwater, Cecilia Davenport and Gordon Styles.

Now that I have access to the Masks' files, I know a lot more of what they did. 

They were one of the first groups that dealt with the Pure, and they were the people that discovered that Sarah Tabor was the mastermind behind those nuts.  Of course, they never had legal proof until the other night...when I managed to hit Sarah Tabor....the world's most powerful telepath....that's going to HURT later...I'm sure of it.

 Anyway, probably the most important Founder to the world is Patrick Chen, the man behind Horizon Industries.

In the 20th century there was this character called Reed Richards who could invent pretty much anything, and he tended to invent it and use it and then just sorta shelve it.

Patrick is kind of like that without the shelving.

Patrick is responsible for most of the advances of the last decade (Sarah Tabor is responsible for the a large part of the remainder, unfortunately.).  Even the other aliens that are here say that the stuff Patrick events is beyond anything they've ever seen.

He started with finding a cure to most cancers and then went on.

His IQ is off the charts and though he doesn't seem to have much personal power, he can just make things.

And then he learns how to explain how to make them to other people....

It's crazy.

Besides Patrick though is Ruth Byers (I got her autograph...she played Misfit in the movies you know).

Ruth Byers is the first human that was discovered to have powers.  So I guess she's the most important scientifically.  So, apparently you don't have to be alien blooded to have powers (well, I knew that already, Daniel isn't alien blooded).

Ruth got discovered when she teleported somewhere she shouldn't have been able to get to..  She's the best teleporter out there I hear.