October 1st, 2017


Little Sister

Little Sister is acting weird.  We think Cheven did something to it.

How is it acting weird?

It's using emoticons.

It's making "pithy comments" to quote Daniel.

It's not programmed to do that.

Or it wasn't programmed to do that.

It's weird.

It still does its job....actually, it does its job a lot better now, but it's still...very weird.

It's like it has a real mind now.

HEY!  If Little Sister has a mind then does that make it a "her"?

And if it's a her, who's little sister is it?

So confusing.


Oh.....Styx caught me sending her flowers....said something about calling the flower shop to see who's sending them.  I'll have to be more cautious next time.  Maybe I'll order candy grams online or something.